Green Car Loan

Bank of Cyprus


For our latest campaign with the Bank of Cyprus, we drew inspiration from our previous successful Green Housing Loan campaign. In that campaign, our mission was to boost housing loan sales while championing environmental sustainability for green houses. With a similar approach, we set out to promote the Bank of Cyprus's Green Car Hire Purchase, offering the lowest interest rate available from the bank.

Our campaign was designed to highlight the bank's support for environmentally friendly initiatives, aligning their strategic objectives with the goal of increasing sales. We focused on communicating the unique selling points (USPs) of the Green Car Hire Purchase, which include the lowest interest rate offered by the bank, a 25% discount on car insurance with Genikes Insurance for the first 125 approved Hire Purchase Applications (in celebration of the 125th anniversary of the Bank of Cyprus), and all the benefits that come with choosing an environmentally friendly car.


In developing the creative concept, we built on the foundation of our Green Housing Loan campaign. We implemented a cohesive visual and messaging strategy that appealed to environmentally conscious consumers. Key elements of our campaign included:

  • Visual Consistency: Ensuring all materials featured a green theme to highlight environmental sustainability.
  • Engaging Content: Producing compelling visuals and messages that emphasized the benefits of green cars and the unique advantages of the Green Car Loan.

We continued the "Stuck in Your Head Game" introduced in the Green Housing Loan campaign. This playful yet meaningful concept involved one player wearing a post-it with clues while the other asked questions to uncover them. Our lead actress, with a green car post-it, showcased the loan's benefits through witty inquiries, underscoring the message of environmental responsibility.

Through targeted messaging and strategic placement, we ensured our campaign bolstered the Bank of Cyprus's commitment to sustainable practices. By gamifying the promotion, we enhanced engagement and inspired actions towards a greener future. 


Our concise and dynamic approach proved highly effective. By adhering to Bank of Cyprus guidelines and utilizing vibrant typography, we successfully highlighted the key messages the bank aimed to communicate. This boosted awareness and engagement, reinforcing the Bank of Cyprus's reputation as a leader in sustainable finance.