In-Game Advertising Campaign for Lotto Game

OPAP Cyprus


The primary challenge for our in-game advertising campaign with OPAP Cyprus's Lotto game was to create a native, engaging advertising experience within popular mobile games in Cyprus, enhancing brand visibility. We needed to integrate advertisements naturally and engagingly, ensuring high visibility and interaction without disrupting the gaming experience. This had to be achieved while adhering to strict brand safety guidelines.


We developed and deployed in-game native banners that seamlessly blended with the game environments. These banners were strategically placed in high-visibility areas to maximize exposure and engagement.

Our campaign was designed to blend naturally with the game's aesthetic, making them less intrusive and more engaging. The creatives were placed in areas where players are most likely to notice them, ensuring high viewability rates. All ads were targeted to users aged 18 and above to align with the strict brand safety guidelines.


The campaign achieved impressive results, significantly boosting brand visibility and player engagement for Opap’s Lotto Game. Our in-game banners achieve a high viewability rate of over 88%, demonstrating the effectiveness of our strategic placements and high-quality execution. The success of this campaign provides a compelling case study for potential clients interested in game changing advertising experiences with high-impact.