What makes a demo video so engaging that it attracts the attention of the audience, keeps the viewer engaged until the end, and educates them in a pleasant manner, while simultaneously successfully launching Cyprus' first Digital Economy platform? Yes, that's a big challenge.

Financial managers, accountants and owners of companies are the most common targets. Those who will decide whether to adopt Jinius for their business or recommend Jinius to others.

We were asked to target this audience through two main channels. The first channel is indirect, through the official sellers of the Bank of Cyprus. The second channel is direct, with a campaign targeting the public directly online.


Analyzing the goal and the product functions, we found three solutions of the product that can speak directly to the audience by addressing their specific pain points.

We took the three pain points & solutions and used them to develop three demo videos. We wanted the demo videos to be fresh, entertaining and disruptive. Like the Jinius brand. We realized that first, we needed to create the product signature, a tag line that can represent the brand.

By doing a deep dive into the characteristics and behavior of the audience, we concluded that our audience, much like the product, is a genius! And we came up with the tag line Jinius Yes, you! Engaging the audience directly from the Tag Line. Meaning this product is for you.

Through humor and realism, we created two unique characters who dramatized the problem-solution scenarios in an enjoyable manner, successfully educating the audience. The Jinius user is depicted as one character, and the non-user is depicted as the other... we gave them names, backstories, and gradually transformed them into three science-related geniuses.


In a creative and unique way, we created three long-form videos to introduce the brand to the Cypriot market. We used the dynamics of the name and the tagline to create an iconic brand image for the market.

The demo videos were designed to match the communication medium, Meta platforms and YouTube, gained the attention of users and gave a new image to the economy and business industry.

The movies are so rich in content that they help us use the content on multiple levels. Concepts, sayings and characters are elements that can easily be used in 360 communication.