OPAP Cyprus


Lotto has changed! The game now offers a unique approach to winning, shifting from promising a large sum to securing financial stability for the next 10 years. Our strategic communication aims to influence players subconsciously by emphasizing repetition, making the new Lotto a part of their habits.


Lotto introduces a paradigm shift in how consumers perceive luck. With the "new Lotto," players have the chance to experience everyday joys without worrying about the future. Instead of contemplating prospects, they can live the moments. It's a different experience for everyone, providing financial comfort for the next decade, bringing peace of mind, general optimism, and the freedom to dream and savor life's moments. The first lucky winner receives 10,000 euros every month for 10 years, offering the time and financial comfort to discover joy in small everyday things. Our campaign slogan encapsulates this sentiment: Lotto: "Win it once, enjoy it for years!".


Our campaign included a TV ad, radio spots, web banners, social media posts, creative media, outdoor ad, and a Facebook competition. The results have been highly successful, and we take pride in achieving our goal of embodying the slogan. We are thrilled to announce that we have a first winner in Cyprus, who is now enjoying 10,000 euros monthly for the next 10 years!