Quick Loan

Bank of Cyprus


We were asked to communicate a new product for the Bank of Cyprus: Quick Loans. A loan that you can apply for through the BoC mobile app and is processed in a very short period of time, as the name suggests. Our primary objective was to introduce Quick Loans to the Cypriot market and drive sales.

The competition in the loan sector is intense. The challenge was to approach the public with communication that would stand out. So, we came up with the idea showcasing the significant benefits and characteristics of the product through martial arts. Additionally, a secondary goal was to educate the public about the use of digital tools for applying for a loan without visiting physical stores.


In the ancient philosophy and techniques of the monks of the sacred Shaolin monasteries, the fundamental qualities required for the successful mastery of martial arts include dedication to effort and practice, striving for improvement in their techniques to attain perfection. The inspiration for this new campaign stemmed from the unexpected connection between the values of Shaolin and the fusion of modern service and intelligent products that Bank of Cyprus aims to offer its customers today.

With an original approach brought to life with cleverness and humor, the Quick Loan was communicated as a product in which Bank of Cyprus combines its expertise and experience with ease, speed, and precision. This new campaign originated from the unexpected connection between the values of Shaolin and the combination of modern services and smart products that Bank of Cyprus aims to offer to today's customers.


One of the most talked about campaigns, particularly the TV ad and social media video content, for its quality, humor and wittiness. Our communication covers a wide range of media, including television, radio, and online, such as web banners, the Meta network, and YouTube, to ensure our message reaches a wide audience. The campaign yielded tremendous success, resonating with our target audience and enhancing the image of the Bank as a modern-day enabler that understands its customer both in terms of needs and preferences.