Specialists in Wellness

Holland & Barrett


Holland & Barrett is a brand with high brand awareness, a name that most Cypriots know. However, the information gap that seemed to exist in our audience relates to the wide range of products it offers. Our challenge was to position the Holland & Barrett as the premier wellness destination for customers of all age groups, highlighting the diverse range of high-quality products, no matter where you are on your wellbeing journey. Recognizing the importance of a creative approach that would make a lasting impression, we localised this international brand to resonate with the Cypriot culture.  


After extensive brainstorming, our team developed an idea that seamlessly aligned with Holland and Barrett's core principles. We depicted a day in the life of four personas: a young wellness enthusiast, a young professional, a mature woman, and a man, integrating a variety of H&B products into their daily routines. This approach positioned H&B as the ultimate destination catering to all their needs. Filmed in Nicosia, the video featured iconic locations such as the Labs tower and the H&B Makariou store, capturing the essence of holistic wellness. Following the main video production, we created a series of an additional four short, category-specific REELS aimed at enhancing awareness of themes and product ranges such as Women’s Health and Natural Beauty.


Our collaboration with Holland and Barrett yielded significant success as the video effectively encapsulated the essence of the brand. It garnered widespread praise and attention on digital platforms, resulting in increased brand recognition and engagement. The category-specific approach allowed for a more targeted and personalized approach, as each target segment could relate with the theme that speaks to them.