The Jinius way to shop



The launch of a modern and dynamic marketplace where retail businesses can expand and enhance their digital presence, meant we were tasked with creating and running an exciting awareness campaign for our client Jinius. For businesses, being part of the Jinius marketplace means they get the opportunity to reach a new audience and possibly increase their revenue and market share. For consumers, even more brands and stores are at their fingertips through a single, user-friendly single platform.


Imagine a modern girl who has everything she needs on her phone! From the comfort of her couch, she's transported into an exciting world – the world of Jinius. A simple swipe of her phone is all it takes to change both her mood and her surroundings! In this abstract and intriguing environment as portrayed in our TV ad, we see that the world of Jinius is multifaceted. It has many sides. We delve into the world of fashion, explore the tech environment, dive into gaming, and focus on the endless choices available in this new marketplace!


We effectively communicated the new platform to the audiences and raised awareness about the new marketplace. Our communication strategy spanned across various media channels, encompassing television, radio, and online platforms like web banners, the Meta network, and YouTube, ensuring that our message reached a vast audience. The campaign was successful, resonating with our target audience and enhancing our image as a modern-day enabler that comprehends our customers' needs and preferences.