The new JCCsmart is here

JCC Payment Systems


Our mission from JCC was clear: generate buzz and excitement for the new, practical, easy to use JCCsmart app, focusing on its four standout features:  

  • Effortless tracking of all transactions
  • Convenient payment reminders
  • Seamless payments with Apple Pay & Google Pay
  • Enhanced security with instant biometric authentication

We wanted to capture the innovative essence of this product with the simple, concise and direct slogan, "The new JCCsmart is here," and driving users to engage with the app.


Our campaign showcases how JCCsmart redefines financial freedom, control, security, and convenience. JCCsmart is your digital ally, revolutionizing how you handle finances. With JCCsmart, you wield control, flexibility, and tranquility, all from the palm of your hand.

Embracing the slogan "JCC is for You," we emphasize that JCC is everyone's financial companion. The message is clear: "The new JCCsmart is here" to streamline your life, granting you full control with one powerful app.


To bring our vibrant message to life and captivate our audience, we launched an all-encompassing multi-channel campaign focused on creating awareness and driving app engagement across diverse platforms. Our dynamic slogan, "The new JCCsmart is here," echoed across multiple channels, ensuring our message resonated far and wide.

We leveraged several channels to strategically meet customers at various touchpoints, maximizing reach and app engagement. To connect with our audience on the go, we utilized bus and radio advertising, capturing their attention during their daily commutes. We selected high-attendance movies in cinemas to showcase our engaging videos, ensuring high visibility and engagement. Our digital campaigns featured short, concise messages highlighting key functionalities, effectively reaching tech-savvy users online. By placing ads in malls, we ensured high visibility and engagement in busy, high-traffic areas.

This multi-channel approach allowed us to effectively engage with our target audience, driving significant awareness and app engagement for JCCsmart.