General Insurance


Unleashing the Power of "WHAT IF"

"What if" is a powerful phrase that sparks the imagination, challenges assumptions, and encourages us to explore new perspectives. In this year's communication campaign, we leverage the strength of "WHAT IF" to bring you captivating narratives that push the boundaries of insurance possibilities.

Have you ever experienced the feeling that you don't always receive the full value of what you pay for or that you're constantly waiting?

We understand the frustration of feeling undervalued or kept waiting. Through our campaign, we delve into this common sentiment and strive to address it head-on. General Insurance is committed to providing you with the value you deserve and eliminating the waiting game associated with insurance services.


Illustrating the Disparity Between Expectations and Reality

To bring our objective to life, we produced a high-level cinematic TV commercial that primarily aimed to illustrate the disparity between expectations and reality in certain situations. These scenarios reflect our everyday circumstances and emphasize the genuine value of General Insurance for individuals.


The campaign has successfully concluded its run across channels.

General Insurance's brand philosophy embraces a humor-based approach, and this year is no exception. We believe in infusing laughter and enjoyment into our campaigns while delivering important messages.